Samsung Galaxy S, II and III pitted against one another in DisplayMate shootout

Feeling nerdy? Good, because the folks at DisplayMate have put together quite the comparison of the three different AMOLED displays featured in the Samsung Galaxy S, II and III smartphones. While the study places an emphasis on quantitative measures -- and thus leaves more subjective qualities out of the discussion -- the comparison is nonetheless an insightful look into the progression of Samsung's AMOLED display technology. Curiously, some elements remain unchanged, such as color gamut, which is 138 percent of the sRGB standard across all displays and is to blame for images that appear over-saturated. In terms of color temperature, DisplayMate reveals that while Samsung is trending closer to a white of natural daylight, even the Galaxy S III -- which measures 7,900 K -- is still far too bluish in comparison to an ideal 6,500 K.

Believe it or not, but there's one area that DisplayMate suggests is subtly worsening over time, and that's light reflection. The issue is nearly moot, however, as the 5 percent reflectance of the Galaxy S III is but a small shift from the previous iterations, and what's more, this remains among the lowest reflectance in the industry. We'd be fools to try and summarize all of DisplayMate's findings, but if you're curious to learn more -- and we hope you are -- be sure to hit up the source link below.