2012 iPhone's maybe-finished front appears with center camera, may straighten our FaceTime chats

A claimed test sample of the 2012 iPhone's complete body has already made the rounds, but it was using a rough front panel that wasn't supposed to be wholly representative of the finished work. Frequent part leaker has uncovered a sample which might be closer to the real deal: the white example shows the space for the taller screen that we've come to know, just with a conspicuously shifted FaceTime camera that now sits above the speaker. It's a small change, but it suggests Apple is going for much more of a family resemblance this time around -- a previously claimed 2012 iPod touch panel was merging the fourth-generation iPod's already centered camera with the taller display. While there's still room for this to be a creative fake or an interim design, the consistency hints that Cupertino is keen to shake things up a bit for the iPhone's fifth birthday.