Nexus Q hacked to run CM9 and XBMC, inches closer to usefulness

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The Nexus Q hacks are coming fast and furious now, and inching closer to true usefulness with each one. The latest is easily the most exciting -- a port of full-blown CyanogenMod 9 and XBMC for Android. While the hack was the work of the actual CM team, the Q is not an officially supported device. There are still plenty of quirks and bugs to iron out, but WiFi and Bluetooth are both up and running. If you've got one of the expertly crafted magnesium spheres, there's nothing stopping you from blessing it with a little custom ROM love. Just know that there's still lots of work to do, especially on the XBMC for Android front which is still very much in the experimental stage. To see CM9 in action check out the video after the break and hit up the more coverage link for install instructions.

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