Portal 2 Lego set reaches support goal, is off to review by 'Lego jury'

Portal 2 Lego set off to official review by 'Lego jury'

Congratulations, everyone: If you read our post about the prototype Portal 2 Lego set and threw your vote on Cuusoo to have it become reality, you've succeeded. Go get yourself an ice cream sundae, champ. You deserve it.

The Portal-themed Lego set has received 10,000 votes of support on Lego's crowd-sourced idea incubator, Cuusoo, and is now off to be examined by the proper authorities. A "Lego jury" will review the idea, building concept models and testing them for playability, safety and fit with the Lego brand. Lego's Cuusoo quarterly review begins in September and will include the Portal set and any others that reach 10,000 votes. Reviews can, we should warn you, take several months.