OnLive says support for Universal Controller on Nexus 7 is coming 'shortly'

Those of you who are proud owners of one of Big G's Nexus 7 -- and are frequent users of OnLive's Android offering -- may have noticed the lack of support for the gaming outfit's Universal Controller on the Jelly Bean slate at launch. Fret not, though, as that might be changing soon. Speaking to GottaBeMobile, the cloud company said that while there's no Nexus 7 compatibility at the moment, it does "hope to have it shortly." OnLive wasn't quite clear about what "shortly" really means, but according to the aforementioned site, the Universal Controller's had a tendency to work with some titles before "the official support was announced" -- so a few of you could get lucky ahead of time. Either way, we'll let you know as soon as OnLive intros a more formal solution.