Etymotic Music•Pro 9-15 earplugs bring high-end hush to audiences, lets us enjoy speed metal safely

Premium electronic earplugs usually find their homes with musicians eager to preserve their hearing at all costs; anyone within the crowd has more often been left to either use cruder plugs or cover their ears. Etymotic wants to bridge that difference with the Music•Pro 9-15. The combination of ER-9 and ER-15 earplugs matches its namesake not just through the choice of components, but through active noise cancellation that removes 9 to 15 decibels from the sound only when the rock gets too raucous: listeners can hear fellow concert-goers and even boost their volume without skewing the sound of the band. Pricing plays its own part in reaching out to the crowd, too. As high as the new Music•Pro set's $399 price might be compared to a typical pair of ear blockers, it's low enough that a dedicated fan of virtual Tupac can afford to go to the concert protected rather than voluntarily take on some hearing damage.

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First-of-its-kind hearing protection offers music professionals and avid listeners unprecedented hearing protection with built in intelligence

Elk Grove Village, IL - July 16, 2012- Etymotic Research, an innovator in hearing wellness solutions, announces the launch of its MusicPRO™ Electronic Musicians Earplugs. Designed for music professionals and avid listeners, Music∙PRO earplugs combine two of Etymotic's passive custom hearing protection products - the ER-9 and ER-15 Musician's Earplugs™. The result is a pair of intelligent, high-fidelity active sound-reduction earplugs that allow natural hearing when sound is safe and provide automatic protection from both loud, sustained music and sudden, loud percussive sounds. The soft sounds of music and speech are amplified in the enhancement mode. The Music·PRO is priced at $399.

Music·PRO earplugs are ideal for musicians--especially symphony and jazz conductors and players-- front-of-house personnel, entertainment industry support staff, security personnel and audiences. Music·PRO earplugs can be switched between two levels of protection. One provides natural hearing when sound levels are safe and either 9- or 15-dB sound reduction when sounds exceed safe levels.

"Music-induced hearing loss is preventable," said Dr. Gail Gudmundsen, Managing Director, Audiology Division, at Etymotic. "Etymotic has been providing the world's only truly flat, passive hearing protection for more than 25 years. With Music·PRO active earplugs, we're pleased to launch the first electronic earplugs that allow musicians and listeners to hear their music naturally and be protected with no loss of clarity when it exceeds safe levels. No other devices can do that."

Music·PRO earplugs come with a large selection of eartips that fit the majority of ears. These intelligent earplugs provide clear, high-fidelity sound quality using high-definition balanced-armature drivers, high-sensitivity microphones and wide-dynamic-range compression K-AMP® signal processing with a bandwidth of 40 Hz - 16 kHz, unprecedented in any personal listening system and all hearing aids.

Features of Music·PRO 9-15 earplugs:
* Protection is active only when hearing is at risk
* Automatic activation of 9- or 15-dB flat attenuation, depending on the mode selected

* Dynamics and timbre are unaltered
* Protection from extremely high-level sound, e.g., cymbal strike

Etymotic's hearing protection products were honored with a Design and Engineering Innovations Award in the Health and Wellness category at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show and the prestigious 2010 Safe-in-Sound Award for decades of innovation in hearing loss prevention from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the National Hearing Conservation Association.

The Music·PRO is priced at $399 and will be available for purchase at,, Etymotic's network of hearing solution providers and select retailers and music specialty stores.