Daily iPad App: Game Table lets you play checkers and chess against a friend

Game Table takes a different approach to iPad-based board games. Rather than focus on a strong computer opponent or fancy graphics, Game Table lets you get back to the basics by offering only a game board. There is no computer opponent to beat and no cumbersome rules to follow. It's just a basic game board with the appropriate game pieces. Most of the fun is supplied by you and your friends.

The fact that Game Table is only a game board is one of its strengths. You can setup the game and play by the standard rules or get creative with the pieces and play by you own set of rules. It's this flexibility that earned Game Table a place on my iPad.

My biggest critique of the app has to do with the size of the tablet. Most traditional game boards are large and require a table to play. The iPad is comparatively small, which makes it difficult for two people to play at the same time. You either have to hand the iPad back and forth or find a very narrow table that'll let both of you touch the iPad while facing each other.

Game Table is no slouch when it comes to the type of games it offers. The app includes Checkers, Chess, Backgammon, Reversi, Go and card games like Poker. Game Table is available for 99-cents in the iOS App Store. There's also a free version, so you can try, before you buy.