The Exquisite Forest: crowdsourced art made possible by Chrome (video)

Crowd-sourced art projects? You knew Google would get there sooner rather than later. And with the cooperative backing of the UK's Tate Modern gallery, artists Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin have been able to do just that, taking the surrealist concept of "the exquisite corpse" -- an evolving word tree exercise devised by early 20th century surrealists - and transmuting it into The Exquisite Forest, an animation-based collaboration that lives on the web. The exhibit, which kicks off July 23rd and should run for about six months, is yet another of Mountain View's Chrome Experiments and encourages any aspiring designer to log-in to the dedicated portal and contribute to existing trees (read: branching visual stories) or seed one of their own. You can check out a brief video explanation of the project's inception after the break. But if this concept already has your creative juices flowing to the point of flooding, why not just hit up the source below and help water this multimedia garden.