Steve Wozniak secretly submitted Tetris scores to Nintendo Power

Wozniak secretly submitted Tetris scores to Nintendo Power

Aside from his tech eminence having helped found Apple, Steve Wozniak is apparently also a pretty sick Tetris player. He only plays the original Game Boy port, and admits he submitted his scores to Nintendo Power back in the day.

"I was always #1 in the Nintendo Power listings in 1988, and after they said my name had been in there too many times and wouldn't print it again, I spelled my name backwards (Evets Kainzow) and sent in a photo of my score," Wozniak said in a comment on a Gizmodo piece about him. "When I got the magazine, I'd forgotten doing this and was worried that a foreigner from the next city over (I used Saratoga instead of Los Gatos so they wouldn't catch on) had a score up in my range. I got worried but then remembered my joke. Whew! It's in some old issue of Nintendo Power magazine."

Reddit user polar0ids was quick to call Woz's bluff, but it (unsurprisingly) turns out to be a true story. As seen here in this thread, the story checks out. There's Evets Kainzow's score: 546,145 points.

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