United upgrading Gogo in-flight WiFi on its premium service fleet, speeds will reach 9.8 Mbps

It won't be enough to cancel out the Engadget editor using in-flight WiFi to upload photo galleries (sorry, guys), but it should make web surfing from coach a little less tedious. United has just announced that it will be upgrading its Gogo in-air WiFi service to take advantage of Gogo's enhanced ATG-4 service, which promises to bump speeds from the current 3.1 Mbps to 9.8 Mbps using directional antennae, dual modems and EV-DO Rev. B. Before you get too excited, though, keep in mind that United has so far only committed to retrofitting its premium service fleet, which includes 13 planes that fly between New York's JFK and either LAX or SFO.

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Gogo to Upgrade United's P.S. Fleet with Next Generation ATG-4 In-Air Connectivity Solution

ITASCA, Ill., July 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Gogo, a leader of in-flight connectivity and a pioneer in wireless in-flight digital entertainment solutions, announced today that it has extended its contract with United Airlines and will work with United Airlines to upgrade its p.s.® Premium Service fleet to Gogo's new ATG-4 connectivity solution. Gogo expects to begin installation of the upgraded equipment in early 2013.

Gogo's ATG-4 technology is expected to enhance its existing air to ground network and deliver peak speeds from current performances of up to 3.1 Mbps to up to 9.8 Mbps per aircraft through the addition of directional antenna, dual modem and EV-DO Rev. B technologies.

"Passengers on board United's p.s. fleet have long enjoyed Gogo's in-flight Internet service and these routes have grown to be some of the most popular routes for connectivity related services," said Gogo's president and CEO Michael Small. "By upgrading to ATG-4, Gogo will be able to better address the growing demand for Internet access on these flights now and in the future."

United's p.s. fleet consists of 13 Boeing 757 aircraft that operate between New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport or San Francisco International Airport. Gogo and United have offered connectivity services aboard the p.s. fleet since January 2009.