Proview sued by its iPad court case law firm, owes at least 2.4 million dollars in legal fees

Guess who hasn't yet gotten its share of Proview's recently acquired $60 million? Ironically, it's the lawyers that helped it win the iPad trademark dispute in China. According to Sina Tech, Grandall Law Firm confirmed that its shady client refused to pay up the promised 4 percent of Apple's settlement fee, which equates to $2.4 million. While acknowledging their contractual arrangement (wherein the law firm covers the legal fees in advance, and then expect the client to pay up after winning the case), Proview founder Yang Rongshan told Sina Tech that Grandall's behavior is "nonsense," and that his company isn't obliged to pay back immediately as it isn't under normal operation right now. However, Yang promises Proview won't "pass the buck." We shall see about that -- maybe he could spend some yuans on buying Grandall a few new iPads, at least.