Kyocera Rise linked to Sprint and Virgin Mobile in leak, clue vanishes in a hot minute

Kyocera has already committed to launching the Hydro with Boost Mobile next month, but the Rise is still the bridesmaid, and not a bride -- at least, not until a blink-and-you'll-miss-it leak that emerged this weekend. A Twitter update by EV leaks has the Android 4.0 QWERTY slider attached to Sprint and Virgin Mobile, with a press photo of the Sprint version as evidence. Unfortunately, that's about all we'll get to see in the near future: the post and the whole account ceased to exist not long after they first appeared, which makes permanent proof a little hard to come by other than through an Unwired View recap. Still, we already know the Rise is destined for CDMA providers in the US, and Sprint's longstanding partnership with Kyocera makes the Rise an obvious candidate as the carrier's next on-the-cheap messaging device -- the image may just give our hunches some meaning.