Comcast doubles broadband speeds 'in certain markets,' launches 305Mbps Xfinity Platinum service

Comcast has just done the deed -- following a rumor on the matter, it's launching 305Mbps (down) / 65Mbps (up) Xfinity Platinum internet service in the highly populated Northeast division of the United States. For those who've been around a while, you may remember a time where one would weep upon finding out that Verizon's FiOS simply wasn't available at a desired location. Now, however, Comcast is doing its darnedest to rival fiber-to-the-home options with blisteringly fast cable service.

In addition to its new flagship tier, the provider is also doubling the speeds of two of its existing internet speed tiers in certain markets at no additional cost. Specifically, Xfinity Blast! customers will now get download speeds of up to 50Mbps (formerly 25 Mbps), and Extreme 50 customers will now receive speeds of up to 105Mbps (formerly 50 Mbps). According to GigaOM, the ultra-desirable Platinum service will ring up at $300 per month, which is a full $90 more than Verizon's own 300Mbps FiOS option. Of course, this probably means that you'll hit your monthly cap a heck of a lot faster, but hey -- at least you'll get bragging rights.

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Comcast Doubles Speeds of Two Xfinity Internet Speed Tiers at No Additional Cost to Customers

PHILADELPHIA, PA - July 24, 2012

Comcast Corporation, one of the nation's leading providers of information and communications products and services, today announced plans to bring connected consumers the best and fastest online experience in their homes with new options for high-speed Internet service. Starting this week, and just in time for customers to fully enjoy every minute of the London Olympics on all their devices in the home, Comcast is doubling the speeds of two of its existing Internet speed tiers in certain Comcast markets at no additional cost. Specifically, Xfinity Blast! customers will now get download speeds of up to 50 Mbps (formerly 25 Mbps), and Extreme 50 customers will now receive speeds of up to 105 Mbps (formerly 50 Mbps). This is the seventh time since 2002 that Comcast has increased speeds for its customers.

"More customers are simultaneously connecting to the Internet through tablets, laptops and smartphones within their homes. Whether it's to stream movies, upload photos, video chat with family and friends, or catch all of the Olympics action live on their tablets and connected devices, we want to ensure these consumers are getting the speeds they need," said Cathy Avgiris, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Data and Communications Services at Comcast. "We will continue to increase speeds as customer demands evolve. Comcast is committed to providing our customers with even more choices to get the best, fastest and most reliable experience possible."

In addition to doubling the speeds of two existing Internet speed tiers, Comcast also announced plans that it will begin to launch Xfinity Platinum Internet, a new ultra-fast speed tier, throughout markets in its Northeast division. Xfinity Platinum Internet offers the most-advanced digital homes download speeds of up to 305 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 65 Mbps. These customers will also receive at no additional charge: Xfinity Signature Support (a $9.95/month value), providing customers 24/7 tech support from experienced and knowledgeable specialists; a wireless gateway to create a fast, efficient and secure home network; a dedicated Personal Communications Consultant to support their high-speed Internet needs; and the Constant Guard™ Security Suite, the most comprehensive online protection services available from any major ISP.

"With the launch of Xfinity Platinum Internet, Comcast continues to be a leader when it comes to delivering the fastest broadband speeds in the U.S.," Avgiris added.

Comcast is launching these new enhancements and offerings across many major markets, including Boston, Hartford, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Wilmington, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Richmond, and New Jersey.