Broadcom promises triple-speed 5G WiFi for mobiles in early 2013

5G WiFi, aka 802.11ac, aka muy rapido. We don't just want it in routers and laptops, we want it everywhere -- which is why Broadcom's firm date of Q1 2013 for its BCM4335 mobile chip is good news. The add-on belongs to a mainstream line of 40nm combo radios that handle WiFi (including regular 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands), Bluetooth 4.0 and FM, which means there's every likelihood it'll appear in numerous smartphones and tablets soon after production starts. Broadcom promises tripled transfer speeds, "dramatically" improved range and "six times greater" power efficiency compared to Wireless N, but then again, so does the competition -- and a company like Qualcomm may be able to deliver it in even fewer nanometers.