Kipon preps Canon EF lens adapters for Micro Four Thirds, NEX cameras with electronic control

Adapters to fit Canon's EF lenses on Micro Four Thirds and NEX camera bodies most definitely aren't new. Without any electronic link, though, that Lumix GX1 or NEX-F3 owner has had to focus by hand, sometimes without any aperture control -- what year is it, 1930? Kipon wants to make sure you'll never have to stoop to that level again through a pair of new adapters that keep the electronic controls working. As always with these parts, there's likely to be catches: we don't know the prices and ship dates, for one, and lens conversion can still hurt the autofocus speed. Even so, anyone who's been hoarding (or simply envious of) Canon glass now doesn't have to eye an EOS-M just to get a mirrorless camera with the lens adapter they crave.