Sony Xperia 'Mint' leaked and reviewed: 4.3-inch (?) HD screen, 13MP camera, 1.5GHz S4 processor

While we've been fussing over the Xperia GX (aka the LT29i), it seems Sony's been working on something one integer higher. Mobile-review has published a run-down of a device it claims is called the LT30p -- aka the Mint we first heard of back in January -- which also appears to possess many of the specs we'd want from a high-end phone. The front side hosts a 1280 x 720 4.3-inch LCD, while the rear boasts the same 13-megapixel camera as the GX, and there's a microSD slot on the side too. Internally, Mobile-review says ICS is running off a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, which all sounds healthy enough -- but since the build quality looks a bit suspect and we don't know for sure that this is a final production handset, we'll wait for IFA fever to paint a fuller picture.

Update: Although Mobile-review says it has a 4.3-inch screen, a side-by-side photo with the GS III after the break suggests the Mint's panel may be slightly larger than that.

Sony Xperia 'Mint' leaked and reviewed 43inch HD screen, 13MP camera, 15GHz S4 chip correction 46inch