Did ASUS' Windows 8-packing Tablet 600 hit the FCC?

Toying with the idea of picking up a keyboard-dockable Windows 8 slate? Take your pick -- since Computex (and Microsoft's own Surface unveiling), these devices have popping up like wildflowers -- and one of them may have just slipped through federal inspection. A recent FCC filing reveals an ASUS branded tablet bearing the mark of Windows 8. The feds out the device as the TF600T, an unannounced product that sounds suspiciously similar to the Tablet 600 ASUS trotted out at Computex. Further investigation only revealed a standard radios -- Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC -- but the Transformer-like model number and Windows logo have our attention. Is this the Tablet 600? We'll let you know when ASUS has something official to say. Dive into the federal report for yourself at the source link below.