HTC One X might drop to $100 on contract at AT&T, tempt our wallets (update: confirmed)

HTC might have turned green having seen the Galaxy S III steal the Android spotlight at AT&T, but it could be poised to use a classic trick to get the One X front and center once again: a price drop. An AT&T staff leak at XDA-Developers suggests the carrier is cutting the One X contract price in half to $100 on July 29th, putting it well under its Samsung rival and giving the similarly-priced Atrix HD no small amount of heat. Nothing's confirmed unless AT&T pulls the trigger, of course. If it does, we could see at least some shoppers deciding that HTC just makes more Sense (4.0) in the end.

Update: We've confirmed directly with AT&T that the price cut is official and part of the company's back-to-school promos.