Sony rep confirms some 2011 Xperia handsets won't be tasting Google's Jelly Bean

Some of you might be familiar with Sony's earlier struggles to successfully (and in a timely manner) deliver Google's Ice Cream Sandwich to a slew of Xperia handsets. And, as we all know, Android 4.0's no longer the freshest treat around, thus the Walkman maker will now have to answer all the Jelly Bean questions to come. The first one to do so was a resident Sony mobile expert on the company's UK Facebook page, revealing that the Xperia Arc S and the itty-bitty Xperia Mini Pro won't be receiving the latest and greatest OS from Mountain View. Meanwhile, he also stated there's nothing buttery in the works for the elegant Xperia S, though he did say "ICS should now be approved" for the device. Perhaps this is a sign it's time to start looking for an upgrade, no?