ZTE Grand X reaches UK shops a tad early through Phones4U

Virgin Mobile had originally promised the UK version of the ZTE Grand X for early August. The carrier just can't contain its enthusiasm: it's letting retail partner Phones4U sell the budget smartphone as of today. While you're busy skipping the start of the Olympics, the store will give you a Grand X for free if you're willing to spend at least £20.50 ($32) per month on a tariff instead of opting for the £190 ($299) pay-as-you-go hardware price. As we saw in China, the appeal of the Grand X is in those numbers -- it's more the temptation of stock Android 4.0 in a low-priced (if capable) suit than the hardware. Phones4U does hope to sweeten the pot through a contest. We hope you like the musical styles of Professor Green, as the British retailer is giving early Grand X adopters a chance to win both a custom Professor Green case as well as tickets to a private concert.