Archos' ICS-loaded 97 Carbon tablet now up for sale, priced at $230 for a limited time

Its brief, mandatory appearance at the FCC a couple of weeks ago certainly let us know it'd be ready to take anyone's cash sooner rather than later, and surely enough, the 97 Carbon's now making itself available to all. Just as we'd heard, Archos is pricing the Ice Cream Sandwich slate at $250, though the company's currently running a deal where it's parting ways with the Elements slab for $20 less than MSRP -- naturally, this is a "limited time only" offer, and thus it could change at any given moment. Either way, that amount of greenbacks snags you an eye-pleasing 9.7-inch, IPS display with a run-of-the-mill 1GHz, single-core CPU and 16GB of built-in storage. Obviously the spotlight's still shining high on Google's Nexus 7, so we're interested to find out how many of you think this is enough to make you look past the Jelly Bean sweets -- do let us know in the comments below.