Skobbler brings maps to Nook Tablet, Color with ForeverMap 2

We've seen attempts to bring mapping functionality to Barnes & Noble's Nook Color in the past, but Skobbler's going full out with the arrival of ForeverMap 2 for that device and its more clearly defined tablet successor. The app utilizes WiFi positioning, offers route guidance and features both global and local maps. The standard version is free and a pro version can be picked up for $5, offering up added functionality like unlimited offline map downloads. Skobbler also used today's launch to announce that it's working on broader implementation by making it available to Nook app developers.

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skobbler Debuts First-Ever Map Solution for Barnes & Noble's NOOK Tablet & NOOK Color

skobbler, a leading provider of mobile map-based solutions, today announced the launch of ForeverMap 2™, a brand-new digital map app for the critically acclaimed NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color by Barnes & Noble, Inc. With a robust set of features, including intuitive route guidance, Wi-Fi positioning, as well as local and category search functionalities, ForeverMap 2 is the first-ever digital map app for NOOK, enabling users to experience and explore their surroundings like never before through their NOOK devices. ForeverMap 2 is available for download on NOOK Apps™ for FREE.

ForeverMap 2 offers an unparalleled map experience, delivering online access to global (continent and country) and local (state and city) digital maps. The deep search functionality in ForeverMap 2 enables route calculation, local search, address search and category search. Wi-Fi positioning is also supported to enhance route guidance and map interaction. A premium version, ForeverMap 2 PRO, is also available for $4.99, and provides unlimited access to downloadable maps for offline use. The offline feature is an ideal tool for travelers and on-the-go NOOK users, allowing them to maintain access to ForeverMap 2 without a data connection.

Central to ForeverMap 2 is the OpenStreetMap data which powers the app. Much like Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap is a collaborative, crowdsourced and global project of over 650,000 contributors dedicated to revolutionizing digital maps by creating a free, editable and interactive map of the world using data from satellites, GPS logs, local knowledge, and other sources of geographic information.

"We're thrilled to be the first to bring a powerful, free map solution to NOOK customers," said Marcus Thielking, Co-Founder of skobbler. "With an intuitive interface, detailed maps for easy-reading and route guidance, and installable maps offering unmatched offline use, ForeverMap 2 isn't just the first-ever pure map app for NOOK, it's the most advanced map solution available today - period. We've combined the most sophisticated map engine in the market with OpenStreetMap's vast dataset, and have brought a next-generation map to NOOK that features unparalleled performance and superior visuals."

"ForeverMap 2 by skobbler is more than just the first-ever pure map app available on NOOK," said Claudia Romanini, Director, Developer Relations at Barnes & Noble. "It signals a brand-new opportunity for NOOK App Developers to create location-aware apps, products and services that help our millions of NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color customers experience and navigate their physical surroundings in unique and innovative ways. We're excited about the potential here."

In June, skobbler announced the beta release of GeOS, a new access technology platform that allows app developers and web service providers easy, yet powerful implementation of OpenStreetMap data into their products. GeOS is a one-of-a-kind "operating system" for commercial use of OpenStreetMap, making use of the crowdsourced data intuitive, affordable and secure for developers to build services with it.

Like skobbler's suite of existing OpenStreetMap-based products, including the internationally renowned GPS Navigation 2 and the recently launched Maps by skobbler, a web-based map powered by OpenStreetMap data, ForeverMap 2 was built using GeOS technology and showcases the utility of the platform for third-party developers seeking to integrate location-based features and functionality into their products and services, as the total user base for consumer location-based services is expected to reach 1.4 billion users by 2014.* GeOS will be publicly available in Q1 of 2013.