The Joy of remote-controlled Cooking: LG's Lightwave oven makes mealtime mobile-operated

Advances in oven technology are more the province of Jack Donaghy's former GE overlords, but over in South Korea, LG's taking a real-world stab at making the fictional CEO proud. An update to its Lightwave line, this new, next-gen kitchen appliance employs halogen heaters to cut down on traditional cooking time, a range of menu pre-sets to accommodate your meal-making and, most worrisome of all, a wireless connection for smartphone control. With that last tidbit of information, you should be either horrified by the opportunities for absent-minded, accidental pants pocket activation or pleased and at ease with the convenience it affords (which means you likely have children and can now tend to that bottle of red undisturbed from the couch). So, what exactly can you do from the comfort of your own phone? For starters, you can set the timer while you're away, adjust the temperature and even activate the steam cleaning feature. It's not clear if all of this remote action's restricted to the company's own devices, but if you're living in the company's home territory and have a fancy for haute-tech cuisining, this one's for you.