Google postponing Nexus Q launch to 'make it better,' sending a free device to those who pre-ordered

Apparently Google's strange little media streamer isn't quite ready for prime time -- not according to the company that made it, at least. The software giant has begun sending out a note to pre-orderers letting them know that the launch of the sphere has been delayed in order to "work on making it even better." The company adds that it's responding to user feedback from previewers who want it to "do even more than it does today." To show that there are no hard feelings, the company will be "extend[ing] [the] Nexus Q preview to our pre-order customers and send[ing] [them] a free device," according to Google. We asked the company to clarify that last bit, to make sure if meant exactly what we thought it meant, and sure enough they told us, "We are sending a free Nexus Q to any users who pre-ordered the device at no cost to them." Sometimes it pays to be an early adopter. No word on when the device will begin shipping, but the company promised it will be arriving "soon."