Cubify's 3D-printed toy robots take cues from Lego, sport interchangeable parts

Cubify's 3D-printed toy robots takes cues from Lego, sport interchangeable parts

If the urge to create a robot petting zoo of your own hasn't subsided since Maker Faire, 3D Systems' new Cubify toy robots might help fill that void in your droid-loving heart. The 3D-printed bots may not boast electronic innards, but their LEGO-like swappable parts allow for some Frankenstein-inspired customization. Ready-made robots start at $4.99, while 3D source files ring up at 99 cents apiece, in case you'd rather extrude them using your own Cube hardware. Yearning to make a personal automaton army entirely of your own design? The company's new beginner-friendly CAD tool, Cubify Invent, should help you craft that unique plastic platoon.

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3D Systems Launches Cubify Robots

Cube Makes Amazing, Poseable Robots Come to Life

ROCK HILL, S.C., July 31, 2012 -- 3D Systems
Corporation (NYSE:DDD) announced today the immediate availability of
its new Cubify(R) toy robots designed specifically for printing on
Cube(R), the world's first home 3D printer. The entire collection can
be downloaded and printed at home on your Cube 3D printer.

Starting at just $4.99, Cube printed robots are also available for home
delivery through Cubify and come individually packaged or in sets of
three with exciting options to choose from like ray-guns and

Cubify(R) robots are moveable, poseable and printable in colorful,
lego-like plastic. Printed parts can be snapped together, swapped and
colors mixed to create an amazing new robot, or an entire crew. With
thousands of possible combinations, Cubify robots provide hours of
educational and creative fun for kids and adults alike.

"We are thrilled with these cute, playful new Cubify robots. Kids of
all ages can collect the entire series as they create unique
configurations to amaze their friends," said Cathy Lewis, Vice
President of Global Marketing for 3D Systems. "Our excitement continues
to build with each new toy and app we make available to our growing
Cubify community."