Pink feather boa time! Fusion-io throws surprise birthday party for Woz

Pink feather boa time! Fusionio throws surprise birthday party for Woz

Apple co-founder and legend Steve Wozniak won't officially turn 62 until August 11, but that wasn't enough to keep flash memory tech company Fusion-io from holding a surprise birthday party for him last night. Ina Fried from AllThingsD was in attendance and provided a photo record of the event.

Woz is the chief scientist for Fusion-io as well as an investor, and AllThingsD reports that the party was held at San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art, and that pink feather boas and noisemakers were handed out to the attendees.

The party for Woz remained secret despite Woz's wife allegedly needing to delete a "drunk text or tweet" from his pocketful of devices. Fusion-io also used the party as a vehicle to announce its ION Data Accelerator software, which is used to improve server speeds by optimizing flash memory processes. The software is being tested by Apple and Facebook.

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