Adafruit launches Raspberry Pi Educational Linux Distro, hastens our hacking

The Raspberry Pi is already considered a hacker's paradise. However, that assumes that owners have all the software they need to start in the first place. Adafruit wants to give the process a little nudge through its Raspberry Pi Educational Linux Distro. The software includes a customized distribution of Raspbian, Occidentalis, that either turns on or optimizes SSHD access, Bonjour networking, WiFi adapter support and other hack-friendly tools. The build further rolls in Hexxeh's firmware and a big, pre-built 4GB SD card image. Before you start frantically clicking the download link, be aware that the "educational" title doesn't refer to a neophyte's playground -- Adafruit still assumes you know enough about Linux and Raspberry Pi units to be productive (or dangerous). Anyone who was already intrigued by the Raspberry Pi by itself, though, might appreciate what happens when it's tossed into a fruit salad.