Sanwa's iPhone pico projector gets spec bump, trebled brightness (video)

Sanwa has revamped the PRJ011 iPhone charging sleeve-cum-pico-projector we saw back in January. The new PRJ016 packs a 1,850mAh battery that can recharge your handset up to 80 percent and also power the projection mode if you want to enjoy a movie, or a spreadsheet, blown onto your wall. The 35 lumens DLP device has three times the brightness of its predecessor, can project for 120 minutes on a full tank and has a maximum display size of 60-inches, focusing from a distance of up to six feet. It's available in Japan from tomorrow, setting you back ¥23,800 ($305), and in the meantime there's a Chiaroscuro video waiting after the break if you'd like to know more.