Splashtop Remote Desktop now available on Windows 8, gives you all the access you need

With Splashtop currently holding spots in a slew of Android slabs, Cupertino's notorious iDevices and even HP's cadaverous TouchPad, the next obvious step was to set up its Remote Desktop shop inside Redmond's upcoming Windows 8. And smartly enough, that's exactly what Splashtop's done. In preparation for the eventual release of Microsoft's tile-friendly OS in a couple of months, the service has let it be know that its new (and very handy) tablet application's now ready to take advantage of the system's native gestures while doing what it does best -- which is giving remote access to both Mac and Windows PCs. Given its "consumer preview" status, the Splashtop app isn't fully cooked just yet, but it should give anyone a good idea of what to expect once the real deal becomes available.