Daily iPhone App: Follow the Rabbit makes for blocky fun

Armor Games, famous for its Flash titles, landed a huge hit on iOS with the great Kingdom Rush. Now the company is back for more with a new game called Follow the Rabbit. This one's very different from that tower defense title -- it's more of a puzzler in the vein of Cut the Rope, with the main mechanic being pushing a blocky guy around while chasing a rabbit instead of slicing cables.

The gameplay is related to the old Sokoban games, though there's some innovation. The levels are all 2D from the sides rather than the top, and you can "jump" your guy up a higher level. There are three coins to collect in each level, and the eventual goal is to get your guy to a door while chasing a rabbit who drops coins. As with all of these "stage-based" games, the difficulty eventually ramps up, though this one's pretty easy throughout.

Follow the Rabbit isn't bad at all. I wouldn't say it's as good or deep as Kingdom Rush, but it's obviously a very different type of game. If you've rolled through all of Cut the Rope and want another casual puzzler to play through, Follow the Rabbit is a universal app on sale right now for 99 cents.