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Facebook SDK 3.0 for iOS arrives in finished form, mobile ads tag along in beta

Rapid turnaround just may be the name of Facebook's game. Just a few weeks after its SDK 3.0 for iOS reached beta, the new developer tool has surfaced in a polished version. As it's shipping, the SDK continues to emphasize a more iOS-native experience, better API support and slicker session management. Any iOS 6 integration will still have to wait until Apple finishes its software update; Facebook is keeping a separate beta track active to serve forward-thinking developers. The social network's regular members aren't quite getting the same reward, however. The expanded app support is being followed just as quickly by a mobile ad beta. While Facebook is still sparing us from a full-bore marketing assault, it's letting developers pitch their Android and iOS apps from Facebook's mobile portals, with a quick hop to the relevant app store if the title isn't already loaded. While there's no estimated completion date, we have a feeling that this is one Facebook beta where most customers won't mind a delay or two... or ten.