Felicia Day unboxes Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition

Felicia Day unboxes Guild Wars 2

Want to play Guild Wars 2? Too bad! You've got another 17 days until the headstart. Want to at least look at the box? We can help with that. Felicia Day, who voices the iconic Asura Zojja in Guild Wars 2, received an extra early copy of the collector's edition box and put up a video of its unboxing for all the internet to enjoy. Jelly? We are too!

The collector's edition includes a physical copy of the game, a 10-inch figurine of Rytlock Brimstone, a making-of book, an art frame with five prints to put in it, and a soundtrack. Additionally, owners of both the collector's and digital deluxe editions will receive in-game perks: a miniature Rytlock, a golem banker, a chalice of glory, a tome of influence, and a unique elite skill to summon a Mistfire Wolf.

Skip below the jump to watch Felicia unveil the CE box and contents.