Google to challenge Siri with its updated Google search app

Google's Search app for iOS will soon receive an update that'll improve the voice assistant component and bring it on par with its Android Jelly Bean counterpart. The upcoming version of the search app takes advantage of Google's experience with speech recognition and its Knowledge Graph, which tries to make connections between different pieces of information.

For iOS users, the updated Search app will let you ask a question using natural language and receive a spoken answer. You can ask Google whether you need an umbrella, and it will tell you the current weather conditions. The range of information available via voice search spans everything from local movie listings to the height and weight of your favorite sports star.

It's a small improvement, but one that Google says is vital in building the search engine for the next generation. This is a sentiment echoed by developer and entrepreneur Ndav Gur, who says that queries based on concepts, not keywords is the future of search and that apps like Siri and Google Search are "on the cusp of an entirely new thing."