SlingPlayer survey hints at possible expansion to game consoles

We haven't exactly been lacking in SlingPlayer-supporting devices as of late, but it looks like the placeshifting service could possibly be set to expand to an entirely new area: game consoles. That word comes from a new Sling survey obtained by Zatz Not Funny, which attempts to gauge customers' interest in a SlingPlayer app for game consoles (it specifically asks if they own an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Wii). As you might expect, however, details are light beyond that, with the survey only mentioning that such an app would let you watch video from your SlingBox in full HD, and that you'd naturally be able to control it with your console's controller. Of course, while it does come directly from Sling itself, it is also still just a survey, so we wouldn't recommend getting your hopes up too much for the time being.