Doodle friday: End your week with a penalty shootout

Sharif Sakr
S. Sakr|08.10.12

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Doodle friday: End your week with a penalty shootout

Relive the nail-biting insanity and inherent unfairness of soccer's penalty shootout over at Google right now, as you try to match our first-attempt score of 18 points and two gold stars. (We'll update this post as soon as an Engadget editor gets a result we can be proud of.) It's a ballistic way to end a run of Doodles that has already involved canoeing, hoops, hurdles and all-round Olympic work avoidance. Post your scores here at your own risk.

Update: Did we say 18? We meant 81, but forgot to take a grab, so officially we'll have to make do with a top score of 34.

Doodle friday End your week with a penalty shootout

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