India's prime minister reportedly working on giving free handsets to low-income families

We've seen companies like Microsoft help out low-income people by dropping prices on its hardware and software in the past, and now India's prime minister's allegedly taking a similar approach but with mobile handsets being the focus behind this nice gesture -- and better yet, at no cost whatsoever. Per the Times of India, sources have told the publication Manmohan Singh's got a plan in the works that'd bring one mobile device to "every family living below the poverty line," with said "Har Hath Mein Phone" scheme expected to be announced as early as next week. Notably, if all goes according to the purported plan, this would help over 6 million Indian families, most of which are currently lacking any sort of communication device in their household. There's still a few days until we find out whether the project is indeed real, for now let's just hope our friends in India don't experience some more power outages anytime soon.