Microsoft trumpets Windows RT OEM partners, lists ASUS, Dell, Lenovo and Samsung

Following sharp comments from Acer's JT Wang surrounding Microsoft's decision to compete with vital OEM partners in the tablet space, Mike Angiulo -- the vice president of Microsoft's Ecosystem and Planning team -- has stepped to the plate with a resounding "thank you" to those very associates. Aside from praising those who will be helping to make Windows RT more than a passing fad, the company affirmed that ASUS, Dell, Samsung and Lenovo will all be shipping ARM-based products with the aforementioned operating system onboard. This pretty much confirms that the Yoga will indeed ship as a WinRT variant, and it also makes clear that Dell's hard work for a spot in the lineup paid off. Exact model details aren't being disclosed, nor are ship dates, but it's becoming abundantly clear that Microsoft is working overtime behind the scenes to give its allies equal footing come October 26th.