Double Robotics gives your iPad wheels, brings telepresence to the masses (video)

Walking iPads aside, usable telepresence remains one of geekdom's purest goals. Being able to attend meetings, without the minor irritation of actually being there, has been a motivator for professionals and hobbyists alike. Double Robotics, on the other hand, feel that they've spotted an opportunity. By leveraging the computing power of the iPad, coupled with some smart design, it has created the "Double," a self-balancing motorized iPad stand. You'll need a pair of Apple slates to get going, one to peer into and use as a controller (via an app), another to project your face, and act as the seeing eye (via the front-facing camera). Best of all, this is much more affordable than many existing options, rolling in at $1,999 if you pre-order ($2,499 otherwise), shipping in December -- iPads not included. Facetime on wheels? Why didn't we think of that? Roll past the break for the video.