Archos MW13 'FamilyPad' opens up to the FCC, bares its 13-inch soul

Archos has already been targeting kids with its Child Pad slate, and now it looks like it's going after mom and pop, too. A recent FCC filing of a slate emblazoned with "Family Pad" shows a large tablet (13.3-inches according to the manual) that will apparently come in other -- hopefully smaller -- sizes. Likewise, there appears to be 8- and 16GB variants, 802.11n wireless, and an Allwinner A10 processor. The Android tablet also has a memory card slot for adding up to another 32GB, as well as a pair of USB ports, HDMI, and front- and rear-facing cameras. This choice of processor suggests it'll be reasonably gentle on the pocket whenever it comes out, which considering it's at the FCC, could be soon.