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Caption Contest: GoPro gone wrong

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Caption Contest: GoPro gone wrong

We've been known to strap on a few GoPro cameras in our day, but our efforts are merely amateur in comparison to this guy, who we can only presume is about to perform a stunt so extreme that no less than seven GoPro cams (and a DSLR) are required to capture it.

Don: "GoPro Hero."
Darren: "Amateurs gonna hate."
Billy: "I see your 3D and raise you another 5D. 8D is where it's at."
Jon: "I'm so liveblogging this. And Instagramming this. And..."
Brian: "Someone take a picture of my weird helmet thing! What do you mean you don't have a camera?"
Brad: "Hey bullies! I'm now twice the four-eyes you thought I was in high school. What have you done with your life?"
Edgar: "From now on, you shall call me GoProusa."
Tim: "Anybody have an SD card I can borrow?"
Jamie: "Patent pending..."
Christopher: "A&E Presents Helmet Hoarders: The GoPro Edition"
Sharif: "HQ, are you seeing this?!"
Myriam: "Go-Go-Gadget GoPro!"

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