From the folks who brought you Flip Video: Knowmia, an online vid platform for students and teachers

The co-founders of the late Flip Video portable shooters have created an internet-based platform for both students and teachers alike, in which they hope to help by offering over 7,000 online lessons -- with said number expected to grow over time, naturally. For starters, the crowdsourced project, dubbed Knowmia, has video tidbits from all kinds of subjects, such as history, algebra, and, of course, grammar and writing skills. Meanwhile, teachers can register themselves on the site at no cost, after which they can easily create their own lessons and put up for the world to see and learn from them. All in all, there's no doubt Knowmia's looking like a promising hub for scholars, lecturers and even the curios folk, so here's to hoping it becomes a go-to place for those looking to soak up some additional wisdom.