Leaked photo allegedly shows iPad mini's dock connector flex cable with headphone jack on bottom

Granted, the existence of a 7-inch iPad mini is far from confirmed, but the latest "evidence" to fan those rumor flames is a photo of what appears to be a dock connector flex cable that connects the smaller dock connector, headphone jack and home button connector. The photo appeared on the site, which also recently published photos that purportedly show the next-gen iPhone's tiny docking connector. Other reports have indicated that the iPad mini's headphone jack will be located on the top of the device (as it is on the current version of the tablet) as opposed to on the bottom, which would contradict this latest leaked photo, but this new layout corresponds to rumors about the iPhone 5. The one semblance of certainty in all this? iFixit's Kyle Wiens weighed in to say that the component "is consistent" with Apple parts.