Netflix rolls out new 'post-play experience' on web player, PS3 (video)

If you've been marathoning a new favorite TV show on Netflix recently you may have noticed that on the PlayStation 3 (above) and browser-based (after the break, along with a quick demo video) players it's got a new tweak. At the end of each episode as the credits roll it pops up a quick (and very basic cable TV post movie-like) prompt with info about the next episode and, unless you select a particular viewing option, search or go back to browsing, keeps right on playing. For movies, it pops up three similar recommendations instead. This "post-play" experience takes a couple of remote presses out of long viewing sessions, and on Netflix's end probably makes it easier for folks to choose to sit through "one more episode" and keep those viewing hours boosted.

On the other hand, not every one likes the automation, either here or on the Xbox 360 app. Whether that's because viewers need an emotional pause after a particularly gripping episode of Lost or they -- and by they, we mean this blogger in particular -- tend to doze off mid-episode, the good news is that every other episode it prompts the user if they want to keep playing before moving on. Like every other tweak or announcement even this move will probably be debated amongst viewers, feel free to dive into the lone season of Terriers in the name of research before letting us know if you're a fan.

Netflix rolls out new 'postplay experience' on web player, PS3