Official Jelly Bean for Samsung Galaxy S III spotted in the wild, blends old with new (video)

Getting Jelly Bean to run on a Galaxy S III has so far required a strictly unofficial build that strips away much of Samsung's handiwork. If you prefer the official software to the point where thoughts of TouchWiz keep you comfortable at night, you'll be glad to hear that a beta of a more official Android 4.1 upgrade has reportedly landed in the hands of An extensive video look in Spanish (after the break) almost completely mirrors what you'd expect: clear advantages like the expanded notifications and Google Now make the cut, while Samsung's Nature UX vibe remains intact. Only a few minor surprises have snuck their way in, such a brightness slider in the notification bar that we'd previously seen in some firmware for the Galaxy Note. We're skeptical of claims that Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S III is just days away -- Samsung isn't exactly known for speedy Android updates. As long as the update we've seen here isn't just a clever hack, however, it's close enough to completion that it might tame the pessimists.