One Laptop Per Child's XO-4 Touch 'expected' to be released in Q1 2013

One Laptop Per Child hasn't exactly been silent about the upcoming release of its XO Touch, but details have thus far been fairly thin. The company's offered up a little more information on the matter, while sprinkling in some extra bits on the device it's now referring to as the XO-4 Touch. The release of the laptop / tablet "dual function" education device is now "expected in Q1 2013," according to the non-profit. Beyond that, details of timing and price are still quite vague. The XO-4 touch will feature a multi-touch display from Neonode that can be used in sunlight and will be packing a Marvell ARMADA 2128 processor inside. Press release after the break.

Update: OLPC has offered us some specs for device including 8GB of storage, 2GB of memory, a 1200 x 900 display, SD slot, HDMI out, an accelerometer, 802.11a/b/g/n and two USB 2.0 ports.

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One Laptop per Child Confirms Upcoming Launch of Groundbreaking Dual Function XO-4 Touch

Following an announcement last week from Neonode, One Laptop Per Child ("OLPC"), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide every child in the world access to new channels of learning, sharing and self-expression, confirmed today that an exciting new and transformative version of the XO device is currently in development.

Part laptop, part tablet, the XO-4 Touch will represent a huge leap forward in what OLPC can offer. As its development name, the "XO-4 Touch" suggests, the device will come equipped with an optical multi-touch capable screen from Neonode. The XO-4 Touch will combine the XO's existing laptop functionality and sunlight-usable display with a full-fledged tablet mode. The XO-4 Touch also runs the new Marvell® ARMADA®2128 processor.

OLPC CEO Rodrigo Arboleda said, "There is constant debate over laptops versus tablets in educational programs. But the truth is both have their merits. While maintaining our XO's award-winning design from Yves Behar's FuseProject, we have combined features of both devices to deliver dual benefits. The new XO-4 Touch is more than just a device, it's a new way of facilitating learning."

With their impressive history with mobile devices, Neonode has developed energy-efficient technology that is ideal for the XO. Neonode touchscreens are fast scanning, have low-latency pen and brush sensors, and can detect pressure. All of these features will help take the new, dual-function XO to a new level.

In addition to the new hardware technology, OLPC has been very active in strengthening strategic partnerships with world-class educational content developers, including Sesame Street Workshop, UNESCO and Little Pim, to provide content for the XO laptops and tablets. While the XO-4 Touch's launch date and pricing are yet to be confirmed, the release is expected in Q1 in 2013.