Dish Network's nationwide satellite broadband service could be ready to launch soon

Dish Network's nationwide satellite brodband service could be ready to launch soon

While the various strands of Dish Network's "Seinfeld strategy" have yet to come together officially, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal are reporting it could be ready launch satellite-based high speed data services nationally as soon as September or October. This would be separate from the service based on ViaSat's Exede that's available in some areas, and Bloomberg's sources say it could accommodate up to 2 million customers right away through a satellite Echostar launched in June, although more satellites may be needed to add more customers. Other than hooking up data connections for customers in rural areas, it would let Dish compete directly with data / TV bundles offered by wired pay-TV providers. Of course, this is all dependent on a favorable ruling by the FCC on its technology -- you can just ask LightSquared what happens if that doesn't work out.