Kno textbooks arrive on Android with the Galaxy Note 10.1, take on a social side

Kno's post-hardware textbook platform has called the iPad its only tablet home for more than a year; it's about to spread its wings. Starting with a bundled presence on the Galaxy Note 10.1, Kno is an option for K-12 and college students who'd rather go the Android route. While all the 3D, note-taking and navigation features remain the same, there's an obvious selling point in supporting the S Pen (and hopefully other pens) to more directly put thoughts to virtual paper -- or, let's admit it, doodle in the margins. All of us, Android and otherwise, get a new Social Sharing component that lets us crib each other's notes before the big exam. We're still waiting on Kno for other Android devices as well as the already-promised Windows 7 support, but it's hard not to appreciate at least a little more variety in our digital learning.

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Kno Education App and Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 Bring Interactive Textbook Experience to Android

Kno App Now Available for Android With Largest Digital Textbook Catalog for K-12 and College

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kno, a pioneer in education software, announced that its digital textbook app will debut on Android with the new Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1, providing more choice for parents and students who are heading back to school this fall Kno's app with over 70 interactive features comes preloaded on the GALAXY Note 10.1, which features Samsung's advanced S Pen technology to enable handwriting recognition and richer interactivity.

"Samsung has been a leader in Android tablets and their commitment to education technology is underscored by preloading Kno's digital textbook app in the new GALAXY Note 10.1 tablet," said Don Morrison, Vice President of Business Development, and Kno, Inc. "Studies have shown that students that hand-write their notes retain information more effectively. The GALAXY Note 10.1's advanced S Pen technology makes it the perfect complement to the interactive digital textbook experience we've created at Kno."

The GALAXY Note's S Pen technology provides the functionality and precision of a pen and paper on the new tablet's 10.1-inch display, offering a superior experience for the student. The S Pen solution allows students to take hand-written notes in a digital textbook, similar to writing in a physical book, which studies show increases the retention of the information.

"At Samsung, we believe that innovative technologies can assist educators and enable greater collaboration with students to help them explore and acquire the skills that will prepare them for tomorrow's opportunities," said Tod Pike, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Business Division, Samsung Electronics America. "Our GALAXY Note 10.1, preloaded with Kno's interactive textbook app, was built with education in mind and helps facilitate our vision of technology as a transformative agent to traditional learning."

Kno is transforming the way both K-12 and higher education students learn by making educational content available on the broadest selection of devices at the lowest possible cost. The company is committed to making learning available, and flexible by tailoring it to each student's learning style.

Kno combines the best of a physical textbook along with more than 70 interactive features including a Course Manager to organize textbooks by course, chapter preview to visually navigate pages, and innovative features such as Kno Me, Smart Links, Quiz Me and Journal which are engineered to increase students' learning potential and retain the most important information. Kno offers more than 200,000 K-12 and university digital titles from over 65 textbook publishers, with a 15-day money back guarantee. Kno is available on the iPad, Android, Web and coming soon to Windows 7.

Kno Continues to Transform Digital Textbooks with Social Learning

Empowers Students and Teachers to Collaborate Through Social Sharing

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kno, a pioneer in education software, today announced that the company has delivered its next major release with a significant set of new features including Social Sharing to continue to drive student engagement and improve studying efficiency to empower educational outcomes. The new Social Sharing feature allow students and teachers the ability to collaborate by sharing highlights, notes and more with other students and teachers within the context of their book. Additionally, Kno has extended support for Android devices and Windows 7 OS in addition to its current iPad and Web apps.

"The addition of support for Android devices and Windows 7 OS also extends our reach to nearly 100% of students no matter what device they choose for school this fall."
"Our mission is to go beyond a flat digital book and let the book become the basis of an interactive and now a shared experience. The ability to share study notes is one of the most significant innovations added to the Kno app since its initial launch," said Babur Habib, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Kno, Inc. "The addition of support for Android devices and Windows 7 OS also extends our reach to nearly 100% of students no matter what device they choose for school this fall."

Kno's Social Sharing will allow any teacher or student to share the content they add to a digital book with fellow students and teachers. This could include highlights and notes but will extend to everything they can add within Kno, such as SmartLinks to external websites, or items they add to their Journal such as drawings, pictures and videos.

Also with the new app release, Kno has added other new capabilities that are unique to its digital textbooks, such as the Advanced Search feature, which allows students to search within a specific book or more broadly across the books associated with a specific course, term or their entire library. When enabled, Kno's new Advanced Search also uses a book's index to increase search relevance and allows students to search for the most useful images, tables, and figures.

This release builds on Kno's interactive features that allow students to engage with the content better and study more efficiently including:

* A digital Journal that automatically saves a student's notes and highlights them in a study notebook.
* Automatic Flash Cards of key terms in a book to help students study more efficiently and better retain information.
* 3D models that bring difficult chemistry concepts to life to make them easier to understand.
* Quiz Me feature, which automatically turns any diagram in a book into a multiple choice quiz for easy self-quizzing before tests.
* SmartLinks that deliver instructional videos, images, and photos to formulas and concepts in a textbook in real-time for easy reference.

The new Kno free app is available today at for both K-12 and higher education digital textbooks.