ROCCAT Power-Grid Android version on its way, we go hands-on with the keyboard-augmenting app (video)

ROCCAT's plans to fight back against Razer's glowing customizable macro-keys and touchscreens are nearing the finish line. Here at Gamescom, the mouse and keyboard maker's Power-Grip app was at a nearly-finished stage on the iPhone. Better still, the Android version was close behind it -- although it was slightly less polished. The idea is to add a wealth of touchscreen widgets and quickly viewable data to your smartphone, sidestepping the need for pricier hardware solutions. That said, there are plans for ROCCAT to create some happy medium between the rogue smartphone interface and its more standard keyboard, with ideas gravitating towards a docking space for your phone built into the keyboard. We took the slightly more temperamental Android version for a spin on ROCCAT CEO Rene Korte's Galaxy S III -- check what the app's likely to offer on its December release in our hands-on after the break.%Gallery-162619%