EPL Holdings sues Apple over playback tech in QuickTime, iPhone

According to a report on Patently Apple, Apple is facing yet another patent lawsuit. This latest suit was filed by EPL Holdings, LLC and accuses Apple of infringing on two patents governing audio and video playback.

EPL, formerly Enounce, claims company founder Donald J. Hejna Jr. met with Tony Fadell, the former senior Vice President of Apple's iPod division, in January, 2002. The two sides discussed EPL's playback technology, which lets users speed up and slow down tracks. EPL entered into a four-year non-disclosure agreement with Apple and shared information about its technology with the Cupertino company.

After seeing the technology, Apple allegedly offered $50,000 to license one of EPL's patents. EPL declined Apple's offer because it believed the amount was too low. EPL alleges Apple went ahead and used the technology in its iPads, iPhone and Quicktime without EPL's consent or knowledge.

"Apple took these actions with blatant knowledge and disregard for the legal rights of Enounce," claims EPL in its lawsuit. EPL is seeking a jury trial and is asking that Apple pay for damages, costs, expenses and any associated interest. The company also wants Apple to pay for all legal fees and any other relief the court believes is appropriate.

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