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Adobe begins regular updates to Creative Cloud applications, details future improvements for Creative Suite

Adobe's subscription-based software service is three months old and the outfit is rolling out the first of its regular updates to the Creative Cloud set of applications. Alongside a new preview of Adobe Edge (now Edge Animate), added features to Adobe Muse highlight this round of improvements -- set to go live for members at 12:01 AM EDT tonight. The app that allows users to create websites without writing a line of code now includes custom contact forms, links to downloadable files (PDFs and such) and the option of using HTML5 animations from Edge and other programs. Other tweaks range from align / distribute and ruler guides that you've grown accustom to using on the fly in Creative Suite to a few FTP and publishing enhancements.

Also included in the news is that the company plans to roll out select new features to the regular ol' Creative Suite offerings ahead of the annual release schedule to Creative Cloud subscribers. Some of the newfangled features that will arrive in CS7 will arrive early for those who opt for the membership route as each product team sees fit. For example, a file-packaging feature for Illustrator that was previewed recently is on its way soon. In order to get the entire truckload of new tech that the aforementioned release stands to haul, though, you'll have to wait until the entire lot hits in properly licensed form. Sound like the kind of early access you'd enjoy? Well, those looking to switch from the normal CS license model (CS3 and later) can join the Cloud for $29.99 per month for the first year instead of the usual $49.99 until August 31st.

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New Adobe Muse Update - Now Includes Built-In Support for Contact Forms and Availability in Japanese

The newly released Adobe Muse, for graphic designers who want to create websites without writing code, has received a new product update that further expands on its unique capabilities for planning, designing and publishing original HTML pages.

Starting today Adobe Muse includes new built-in support for contact forms allowing users to easily add, configure, and style contact forms into their website designs and eliminating the need of having to embed HTML code from third-party online form providers. This new feature allows designers to maintain precise control over their designs, provides more efficient support for publishing, and is the beginning of a longer-term effort to bring more extensive content management capabilities to Adobe Muse users through tighter integration with Adobe's hosting solution, Adobe Business Catalyst.

Also new in this product update is the ability to link to downloadable files enabling designers to easily add and link to any type of file (.PDF, .ZIP, .dmg, .exe) for readers to download. Designers can now also add HTML5 animations created with Adobe Edge into their Adobe Muse designs.

Several performance improvements are also included in this release such as improved HTML5/CSS3 output and new auto-generated sitemaps for SEO resulting in faster load times of websites and improved visibility on search engines like Google. We're also excited to announce that this version of Adobe Muse will also be available in Japanese.

These new features are automatically available to stand-alone Adobe Muse subscribers as well as for Adobe Creative Cloud members at no extra charge. For more information about Adobe Muse visit

And for previous Creative Suite customers who are still considering a Creative Cloud Membership, they only have until August 31, 2012 to take advantage of the special $29.99 introductory promotion. After that, the regular annual membership will be $49.99 per month.